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Williamson Lures

Vintage Williamson Lures Blue 15" Plunger Skirted - Like New

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Rare! Wow! Your chance to own this rare amazing rare find! Add it to your collection or run it!
A triple poured Williamson Lures Plunger. 
This is the story of this lure:

This is a  Williamson knock offs of the Big T  Lures "Kwagga" which was a knock off of a Paul Cameron "Compleat Angler Masher" which was a borrowed Murray Brother Lures LNG1 Design that was a collaboration between Bart Miller Lures, Ed Murray  and Sadu. 

We have never seen one like this, except the other one we have listed in Green and Orange. Luckily someone else had and was kind of enough to let us know. 

Appears unfished! 
Skirts are still supple

If you love old lures or have some you want ID'd  then check out our Facebook  Community : Vintage Trolling Lures - Identification, Discussion & History

It is invite only but just say you saw it here!  
This is how we got all that fabulous information on this lure! Over 2,000 lure aficionados and several lure makers  are part of the community!