Legendary Hawaiian Captain Kenny Llanes has been making his own lures for over 55 years! He has one multiple tournaments and as recently as 2018 won the Kona Crew Classic for the largest marlin weighing 808.5 pounds.

The was on his Baby Locknut. At 78 Cpt. Kenny is still going strong and continues to work as a charter captain on his sport fishing boat Vixen. He only uses his own lures, which he makes under the name C-Pro. 

Kenny is a 2nd generation Kona Captain and is the father of Bomboy Llanes. We are the exclusive online distributor for C-Pro. Contact us if you would a custom lure.

Kenny Llanes C-PRO Lures - New

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Kenny Llanes Lures - Black Bullet - Salt and Pepper - New-Big Game Lures Hawaii
Kenny Llanes Cpro lures - 12" Tube, Blue and Rainbow - New-Big Game Lures Hawaii