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Koya Lures

Rare! Koya Lures Hard Cut Poi Dog Large Early Model – New Old Stock - Marlin Lure

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Koya Lures Larger Poi Dog Hard Cut Marlin Trolling Lure - Grander Proven

Get your new favorite long corner bait now!     Best Price too! 
This is Eric Koyanagi's earlier version.. a favorite with professional Kona Captains

This just came to us after being lost in a tackle box for some years. It has the original Koya label, with the Coca-Cola script
- Pink tint, pink back and starburst paper
- Numerous tournament wins, big purses and granders have made this a must have lure for any serious marlin hunter!
- * Our competitor in Oklahoma retails this for $150.

Size: 14"
Condition: Never fished
Weight: 11.2 oz

We can have it skirted for you just let us know after purchasing or in the notes. All done in Kailua Kona by seasoned fishermen. 

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