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Kraken Lures

Kraken Lures Banshee / World Cup - Blue Marlin World Cup Winner on Apex - 14" New

Color: Akule (teal/turquoise)

Kraken Lures Akule Blue World Cup ( aka Banshee) In Stock Now!  This is the lure that caught the Blue Marlin World Cup winning marlin. 

A highly productive lure with over $1.5 million in tournament wins. The BMWC  winning marlin was hooked up just 11 minutes after the tournament began! 

The Blue Marlin World Cup and Big Blue Challenge was won with this lure as well as a local tournament the same day, July 4th, 2023.

Small batch available now. 
The Kraken Lures Banshee is now being renamed the Kraken World Cup. 

This is your new favorite long corner bait! Crack resistant! 

 The lures insert flashes a a spectrum of colors! It is a special iridescent chrome insert.  All photos were take when natural sun light only. Depending on the angle, the insert color changes.  

Very limited quantity!

  • Crack resistant polyurethane 
  • A highly productive lure created by the captain of Kraken and Apex, Cyrus Widhalm 
  • Choose from 4 colors Clear, Green, Purple Smoke (Blue sold out). 

Size: 14"
Weight: 9.3 oz

Blue Marlin World Cup LurePictured is the actual lure that hooked up the winning marlin and its twin (complete with bill rash) that was used after the winning lure was retired. Lures are cast in polyurethane and each one is identical.



Lure Maker Bio:

Captain Cyrus Widhalm most notable accomplishment to date is being the 2023 World Cup Winner & Big Blue Challenge winner which was caught on his Kraken Banshee 14" Slant. He grow up in Kona and learned sport fishing from legendary captains. After working as a deck hand, then captain he now owns his own sport fishing company, Kraken Fish Co and runs 2 boats the Kraken and the Apex.

On July 4th, 2023 the crew of the Apex brought the World Cup back to Kona with the 834.5 pound marlin. The entire spread was Kraken Lures, and it only took them 11 minutes from the start of the tournament to hook up.

Six years ago Cpt Cyrus started making lures for his own personal use with advice from Kona’s top lure makers. They produced so well he now only runs his own lures.

Big Game Lures Hawaii is proud to have been the first retailer that carried Kraken Lures 5 years ago. We are excited to have this proven batch, all the lures and a few more, that were in his spread when the winning marlin for the The Blue Marlin World Cup, Big Blue Challenge and a local Kona tournament was landed.

If you would like to go fishing on Kraken with Captain Cyrus visit:

*Coming Soon! Check our Facebook, Instagram and blog for a play by play of landing the winning marlin.*