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Murray Bros

WHOA! Very Rare Vintage Murray Bros. Funky Frankenbait Lots of History- Used

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An old one of a kind Murry Brothers
This is an explanation we got from a former lure craftsman who worked for Murray Brothers, Ed and Frank, in the 80s.

"Early attempt at a bird. Mid 80's. Looks like one of Ed's [Murray] experiments. As if he took a Schneider and played with it some. The eye says Schneider but its an LNG insert so most likely Sadu created the body. Ed likely had the metal cut as well as the receiving groove in the head. The skirting is indeed trawlite with signature Moldcraft under and witchcraft tape. What however is missing in that skirting is another "signature"- 2 strands of gold Moldcraft to create a "lateral line". How it got out of the shop to your hands would be an interesting tale I'm sure. We forever were creating "frankenbaits" . Usually we dragged them ourselves so we could tweak. If it showed promise we often gave them to clients for more feed back... If I had to make a guess. Head by Sadu, "Creativity" by Ed Murray, skirted by Tim Davis or John Lang. Test dragged by Tim and Ed then passed off to someone who brought west. - Paul Cameron

The metal plate on the back comes out and not sure how it would stay in place if it were to be run.

This was posted in our Facebook Group Vintage Trolling Lures - Identification, Discussion & History.

If you love vintage lures or have some you want identified please go to FB search for the group and request to join. It's a fun group!

Skirted Weight: 5.5 oz
Condition: No notable chips nor cracks. Metal plate comes out.
Size: 12"