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Murray Bros

Vintage Murray Bros "Cyalume Lite N Glow” LNG15 - New Old Stock

Classic! Vintage New Old Stock 10" Invert in Mahi Mahi Yellow & Green
- Vintage un-fished Murray Bros Invert
- Light tackle for small pelagic species
- Travelite spaghetti skirts
- Eye stickers are on the surface

Skirted Weight: 1.3 oz / 37 gr
Size: 10"
Condition: Like New

Please note I am not selling this on Ebay and someone has stolen these photos. 


Murray Bros Lures were the started by brothers Ed and Frank in Florida back in the late 80’s or early 90’s They were well known and distributed worldwide. What is not so well known is that renown lure maker Sadu Frehn was the one pouring their lures! This was before Sadu launched his own line of lures that went on to catch granders and win tournaments. After Murray Bros shut down their shapes were copied by a South African lure maker Big T."