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Tsutomu Lures

Tsutomu Lures Vampire 7 inch Invert -Tournament Winner - Like New

Dangerous Intentions! A Tsutomo Favorite! 

Pau Hana 7" Black Vampire Invert
- Runs straight with a small pop, deep dive & thick bubble trail-
- The invert runs well in all positions
- Excellent performer in rough conditions or high speeds

Size: 7" with 8" skirts
Head Weight: 3 oz
Condition: Like New, with hook lock on skirt post

"Winner of the largest overall ahi in the 2010 Ahi Fever Tournament and 2nd largest overall ahi in the 2014 Ahi Fever Tournament. All through the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, Okinawa and as far as Australia this lure has proven itself to be one of the greats when targeting plus size tuna.
This lure will run just below the surface then come up to skitter a long top like a fleeing flying fish. Easy to pull from any position, this one will take its share of all species and works well on big tuna. " Garratt Lee,

Total length: 10"
Weight: 6.6 oz Z
Condition: Like new, un-fished, with hook lock on skirt post