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Tsutomu Lures

Tsutomu Lures Supermoke 12 inch Fish Head Plunger - Bill Rash - Used

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"The Moke Plunger slashes the surface in an explosive spray before it dives in a long stream of bubbles and smoke". - Tsutomu Lures
- Pre-owned, scratches, scuffs and teeth marks
- Ready to go!
- Very popular color combo

Condition: Pre-owned, no chips, no cracks
Size: 12"
Skirted Weight: 9.9 oz / 286 gr
Tsutomu Lures, based in Oahu, quickly became a favorite of Hawaii fisherman since tuna slayer Garrett Lee started selling them commercially in 2010. Their reputation spread quickly and the are recognized world wide as a top producers. Garrett Lee is a skilled fisherman and master craftsman, hand painting and making each lure. Garrett's workshop and retail store are on Oahu.
Check out our small selection of pre-owned Tsutumo Lures, including many earlier models and color combinations. Many of them are un-fished and you won't find them anywhere else.