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Tsutomu Lures

Tsutomu Lures HI DA Amaebi Pink 10 inch Invert - Skirted New Like New

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Tsutomus Lures Premium HI Da Amaebi. Sold Out and no longer available from Tsutomu Lures.
This badass lure was made to mimic Amaebi, sweet shrimp. Skirt colors were specifically chosen by lure maker Garrett Lee. The juice in the shrimps a have a bio luminescent blue. Hence the Amaebi skirts have a splash of blue.
Hand made 3-D eyes and hand painted insert.
Retailed for $109.99 before it sold out.

Size: 9+ / 10"
Condition: Like New
Weight: 8oz

Tsutomu Lures, based in Oahu, quickly became a favorite of Hawaii fisherman since tuna slayer Garrett Lee started selling them commercially in 2010 Their reputation spread quickly and the are recognized world wide as a top producers. Garrett master craftsman, hand painting and making each lure. Garrett is Hawaii fisherman based in Oahu.

Check out or small selection of pre-owned Tsutumo Lures, including many earlier models and color combinations. Many of them are un-fished and you won't find them anywhere else.