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Marlin Magic Lures

This Thing is a Beast! Vintage Marlin Magic Lures BIG MIKEY - Brass Jets & Bill Rash

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Heavy! Mikey Won't Let You Down! Mikey Loves Big Girls!
- Swat marks all over this! On the nose and sides - attracted a variety of different species.
- If it could talk, I am sure it would keep you entertained for hours with stories of fishing grandeur
- Brass Jets - You can't get them like this anymore,
- Not if there are any Big Mikey jetted tubes anywhere..
- Genuine abalone shell veneer - getting it done!

Skirted Weight: 11.7 oz / 332 gr
Size: 12", a very thick 12"
Condition: Bill rash all over, a few chips or bite marks on nose edge. Can take way more abuse

Now in its 40th year, Marlin Magic Lures are tournament winning and highly productive lures with a large following worldwide.
All Marlin Magic Lures are hand-made and individually crafted. Gary works on every lure and he and Marlin are always developing new models and shapes.
Some of the most notable shapes include the Ahi P, Ruckus, the Pear family and Smokey Joe. All the lures are tested, fine-tuned and perfected by Marlin before being released.