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Joe Yee Lures

Vintage Joe Yee Lures Super Plunger Mother of Pearl Slabs Root Beer Tint 7.6 oz

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Gorgeous! Joe Yee Super Plunger -  Root Beer Tint - Mother of Pearl Shell Slabs

- Vintage Joe Yee Lure which was originally purchased in from Joe Yee by a local charter captain
- Has been carefully stored for over about 20 years if not more
- Mother of pearl slabs, swirl on lure in 3rd photo is the natural pattern of the pearl slab (not from resin). 
- Guaranteed Authentic

On consignment from a private collector

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Condition:A few barely visible with the naked eye scratches (all lures were inspected with a magnifying glass for a 100% accurate description).  
Label slightly detached from insert inside lure

Where did we get these?

This exclusive array of rare, vintage Joe Yee lures is from the private collection of a celebrated, now-retired, fisherman. His decades of Hawaiian fishing adventures and notable accolades include landing granders and winning tournaments.
His most reliable, productive and favorite lures were Joe Yees. He ordered them directly from Joe Yee, to his own specifications, or choose from lures that were “in-stock” in Joe’s workshop. Each lure came from the original molds and was carefully examined to make sure it was “right” before he would accept it.
At the time no one knew how collectable early Joe Yee lures would become. However this fisherman treasured them for the significance they held to him and his vast experience running them. As soon as a lure caught a fish and had any little bill rash or battle scar, he would promptly retire it and carefully store it. Then he would add a brand new one to his spread.
Some of his Yees were never run, just collected as one does, perhaps to pass on as family heirlooms, or as a prized art collection, increasing in value.
Big Game Lures Hawaii is very honored to be the trusted consignee to offer these exclusive Joe Yee Lures. We guarantee the authenticity and that they were all bought directly from the lure maker.
This is the first batch of two that we currently have in stock. We look forward to offering more from this collection in the future.