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Coggin Lures

Steve Coggin HEAVY Tackle XXL 16" Tado - Rootbeer - Vinyl Skirt - Pre-owned

Great deal! Priced below our competitors! 

**Marlin Magazine named the Tado one of the 10 best lures of all times! **
"The big Tado went on to secure its reputation catching a 1,197-pound blue during the 1993 Lahaina Jackpot, holding the spot for the largest tournament fish ever caught for several years running." --Steve Coggin in Marlin Magazine

"I first started making it during the late '70s and early '80s at a time when most guys were making smaller lures. I gave one to Chip Van Mols on Jen Ken Po, and he caught a 700-pounder on it". Steve promptly named the lure Tado, the Kona slang name for a skipjack over 10 pounds, Otado."
Steve Coggin to Big Game Lures Hawaii
- The Tado runs with a radical weaving & diving action for lots of action.
- 4 Jets
- Mother of pearl flakes, pearly back and black stripe with signature red eye

**Skirted Weight Approximately: 22 oz**