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Ian Thomas Lures

Rare vintage Ian Thomson Disco Ball has Bill Rash

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This is the original Disco Ball that inspired the Aloha Lures Disco Ball.
Beautiful, well crafted rare lure with hand-cut pieces of mother-of-pearl shell slabs.. Ian Thomas' used to have a shirt, as told to us by his friend Steve Elkins, that said, "Save an Akus life, Ian Thomas Lures". This lure has the bill rash on it to prove it did just that!
Ian's Disco Ball is a rare lure and we have only ever seen another one but not in this condition. Ian made lures in the late 70's, early 80's and moved to Maui after working in Hollywood (with director Mike Nichols of The Graduate, ever see that one?).
This lure went on to become an ingrained part of Hawaiian lure making history as this was the inspiration for Aloha Lures Disco Ball. Lure lore has it that Ian was a mentor to Erik Rusnak of Aloha Lures.

Condition: Used, bill rash
Size: 12"
Weight: 5.6 oz