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Bomboy Lures

Rare! Bomboy Lures Big Al Jetted, Bill Rash 16" Heavy Tackle

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Bomboy Llures Big Al XXL Monster Bait! Your New Favorite Short Corner Bait!

Bill Rash and teeth marks! A very rare Jetted Big Al, in fact this is the only jetted Big Al that we have seen and we are a distributor! Bomboy does not pour often and when he does, he does not pour too many of these! Heavy Tackle, Bomboy says Rig It with a 13/0, it's a teaser with hooks! Excellent abused condition! Has craps, teeth marks, bill marks but not cracks. Tiny chip on the top of the nose. Size: 16" Weight: 14.5 oz / 411 gr Condition: Excellent for a lure that has been ran hard! no cracks, only 1 tiny chip