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📦 Get FREE Shipping Worldwide!  Orders USA $149  &  Intl $499 
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Billy Ross Lures

RARE! Billy Ross Lures Vintage MEDIUM Big Blue Bullet- Like New 12"

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An original and highly coveted vintage Billy Ross lure in excellent condition!

This is the first time in 6 years of being in business that a Billy Ross lure has come into our inventory. It is highly sought after by old school Kona big game fishermen, especially those in high stakes tournaments. 

Size: 12"
6.3 oz / 173 gram
Condition: Excellent vintage

The last photo is showing this lure, the Medium Big Blue compared with the other Billy Ross Lure, the Large Big Blue, also known as the Big O. The large Big Blue is NOT included with this purchase. 

To get one of Billy's bullet you had to know him or perhaps get lucky and find a few at Bill Harris' tackle shop. A larger bullet and this medium bullet have been consigned to us.

This lure has been consigned to us by a retired Kona fisherman. He he had  two other ones he used to fish often but lost one to a very big fish and lent one to a friend to fish in the Lahaina Jackpot, who also lost it.  He decided to keep these as part of his private collection.

Billy Ross was the son of Captain Jack Ross and ran charters out of Honokohau and Keauhou Harbor. He started making lures from himself on a very small scale. Billy Ross' bullet was so productive that Gary Eoff asked Billy Ross if it would be ok to make his own version of it. With Billy's blessing the Marlin Magic Big Blue was born, another extremely productive bullet!  Lure lore says that Billy was inspired by Stan Hos' bullet, which was nearly identical to Winfred Ho's, his father's bullet. Also more lure lore says that you could fit Mcdonald's straws in the jet and that was what he used to make the jets. 

 Not sure if we will ever get more these and in this condition.