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Mold Craft Lures Magnum Wide Range Clear 16" - Flaw - Trolling Saltwater Tackle Lure

Mold Craft Magnum Wide Range Clear 16" - Flaw

This has been in storage a while and not fished. However somehow it seems to have a burn mark on its nose. Please see pics!

This is sold as-is. The photo the damage but the other photos are of one without a flaw.  SOLD AS IS, with burn/melt on nose.  Also there is no detachable inner skirt. 

Mold Craft lures are proven baits,  tournament winners, world records makers and a long time favorite of big game fisherman worldwide. 

From the Mold Craft Website "This lure caught an incredible1,742 LB MARLIN as well as the80 LB LINE CLASS WORLD RECORD BLUE MARLIN OF 1,189 LBS." This lure is credited with breaking Blue Marlin records around the world. 

It gets its name because it can be trolled over a wide range of speeds from 4-14 knots and works well in extremely rough water. 

New and not flawed they retail for $44+

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