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Marlin Magic Lures

Marlin Magic Abalone 12inch Plunger – Salt 'n Pepper – Special Edition

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Rare! This is the 2020 model and master lure maker Gary Eoff used abalone  shell on all 5 sides, including the back top and belly, thus creating maximum reflection.  There is no label, just shell unlike a 2023 version which has a label on the belly.  This is a  true collector's edition as nearly all Marlin Magic lures are labeled. Please see pic below of us picking up the lures. They are authentic! 

Uncle Gary won't tell us his secret technique but the results are flashy, iridescent and 3-dimensional.Run them or add them to your collection. These were made in small batches!

Weight:  4.9 oz / 139 gr
Size: 12"
Condition: New Limited Edition