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Marlin Magic Lures XL Ruckus Named Henry 14" Lava Series -

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Heavy! Marlin slayer! With Purple Wavy Dichro! The 16" XL Ruckus. Not everything turns out as planned!
This XL Ruckus has has a Henry Label.
The fish won't notice and this is your chance to get a killer (pun intended) deal on the a Ruckus, the lure that has won more tournament money than any other lure.
The Dichro XL Ruckus retails for over $150

Size: 16"
Weight: 12.8 oz / 363 gr
Condition: New, mis-labled

Marlin Magic Lures Bio:
Gary Eoff and Captain Marlin Parker have been producing tournament winning lures for over 40 years!
All Marlin Magic Lures are hand-made and individually crafted. Gary works on every lure and he and Marlin are always developing new models and shapes. Some of the most notable shapes include the Ahi P, Ruckus, the Pear family and Smokey Joe. All the lures are tested, fine-tuned and perfected by Marlin before being released.