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Marlin Magic Lures

Marlin Magic Classic High Speed Ahi P Black MOP SLABS - New

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Marlin Magic Lures Classic  7 Inch Ahi Pussy Flat Head Delux Series

Just like the ones that worked 40 years ago!

“Abalone and mother of pearl shell has always been a sought after and prized material by Hawaiian fishermen. The colors and iridescence in the abalone shell mimic live bait unlike any other insert.” Gary Eoff

Master lure craftsman Gary Eoff has created a small batch of classic Marlin Magic Lures using his prized and rare collection of abalone, white and black mother of pearl shells. 

Vintage shell has been meticulously chosen, cut and matched to create the finest shell lures ever made. 

 Each piece of shell is carefully hand cut and chosen to match the pattern of the other pieces.  

Gary Eoff and Marlin Parker have  40 years of experience creating fishing-catching-tournament-wining lures. 

An excellent lure for the collector or for your arsenal.

The Ahi P has been a favorite of fisherman around the world for over 40 years and is a must have for any arsenal. Great for any species of any size. Because though as the High Speed Ahi Pussy has also caught granders!

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This Delux Lure Series includes the classic Marlin Magic shapes that have continued to produce for over 40 years. These lures continue to be fished world-wide.

Delux Lure Series shapes include the Peanut, the first shape lure Gary ever made; the Flyer, an all species lure; the tournament winning Ruckus family – Baby Ruckus, Ruckus, Large Ruckus, XL Ruckus and XXL Ruckus.

(When you see 'shell' or 'MOP'  we mean thick slabs of abalone, black mother of pearl, and white mother of pearl, not shell veneer).