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Marlin Magic Lures

Marlin Magic Lures Captain's Choice 14" Delux Abalone - New

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Marlin Magic Captain's Choice - Delux Abalone Shell Slabs  Collector's Edition 

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  • The Captain's Choice is similar to a pear but has wider hips that are more curvy.  

Master lure craftsman Gary Eoff has created a small batch of classic Marlin Magic Lures using his prized and rare collection of abalone, white and black mother of pear

Vintage shell has been meticulously chosen, cut and matched to create the finest shell lures ever made. 

“Abalone and mother of pearl shell has always been a sought after and prized material by Hawaiian fishermen. The colors and iridescence in the abalone shell mimic live bait unlike any other insert.” Gary Eoff

"My two favorite lures are the Marlin Magic Ruckus and The Marlin Magic Captains Choice. I run the Captain's Choice high on the wave. It has a smoke trail that is more radical and a lot of wiggle action. The short rigger is my favorite spot to run it. " Kevin Hibard, Captain 2nd Offense, Kailua Kona 

Marlin Magic lures are a favorite of fisherman around the world.  Captain Marlin Parker and Gary Eoff have been producing and perfecting lures for over 40 years. 

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Weight: 8.4 oz / 238 grams
Size: 14" 
Condition: New
Position: Long Corner, Short Corner, Short Rigger