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Kenny Llanes

Kenny Llanes Cpro lures - 12" Tube, Blue and Rainbow - New

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Kenny Llanes C Pro Tube - 12" Blue back of Rainbow Chrome - New

Captain Kenny Llanes has been fishing, making lures and wining tournaments for decades, in fact he is the most senior captain at Honokohau Harbor in Kona. The last photo is of him in 1978 with a 900# marlin. In the photo is his most famous deckhand.. Cpt Bomboy Llanes. 
We have no idea what lure he caught that marlin on but he still runs his own lures!

Captain Kenny Llanes has been a Kona fisherman for over u0 years and making his own lures for just as long. 

He is part of the legendary Llanes fishing family which includes Randy Llanes and Bomboy Llanes. He is Bomboy's father and taught Bomboy to fish and make lures.

Kenny only fishes his own lures and has won multiple fishing tournaments over the decades.

 Weight: 5 oz / 147 grams

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