Gene VanderHoek

Gene Vanderhoek Lures - 12" Plunger Pink Tint & Shell - Vinyl Skirt

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Gene VanderHoek Saltwater Tackle Pink Tint 12" Plunger Marlin Lure

Kona Legend Captain Gene VanderHoek has caught 4 granders in his 50 years of fishing in Kona.  - It has the unique weight distribution of ⅓ taper and ⅔ length, - Unweighed- the way they have always been - A very light clear stripe of purple on the back - Blue sparkle skirt with pink tufts - The plunger is unweighted as it is perfectly balanced - Genuine shell veneer insert - Captain Gene still makes them from the original mold_* - _Lures are skirted by the captain himself Skirted Weight: 4 oz  oz / 110 gr Size: 12" Condition:New, skirted by the lure maker