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Joe Yee Lures

Very Rare 1980's 505 'Joey's Lures' Joe Yee Lures - Used

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New Price Markdow 5/17/23
Update from a friend of of the Yee family. 
 " I asked Joe Yee's  Grandson he said it’s late 80’s and it’s a 505 he also Said Grandpa still uses those labels occasionally!!!

A collectable of collectables!
The very rare label " Joey's Lures".
Very rare to find an old Joe Yee with one of his Joey's Lures Labels.
If you a collector than this is one not to miss !

This has been to consigned to us and is part of a much loved collection however it was time for the owner to pass it on and let someone enjoy it! 

This has been fished and has some light bill rash on it. 

We run a Facebook group for Vintage Lure Identification (as we all know, especially with Yees, the struggle is real). A member provided us with this information. See screen shot in 3rd photo. 

Weight: 7.2 oz

If you like vintage lures then look for our group on FB Vintage Lure Identification and Discussion.