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Bomboy Lures

Don't Leave it to Chance! Bomboy Scarface* Head Only* Signature Series - See the Proof!

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Catch BIG fish, Win BIG Money
Signature Series 2023  - Hand Signed by Bomboy!
Head Only
Scarface, because that's what it will be after you run it! 

  • An excellent marlin lure! A proven Marlin Lure
  • Blue back, chrome foil insert, in some photos the blue back also reflects on the belly. 
  • Made for fisherman by a tournament winning Kona charter boat captain. 
  • Made in Kona designed and poured Bomboy Llanes, 2x grander catcher! He is the winner of multiple fishing tournaments.
  • Captain Bomboy and others  have caught several marlin on this lure and is defiantly one of his favorites.

Bomboy is a 3rd generation Kona Captain and had been fishing big game fish and making lures for over 45 years! He learned to fish and make lures from his  father Kona Captain Kenny Llanes. 
Bomboy captains full-time and runs his own lures. However he does not make too many lures, so get one while you can!

Position: Long corner

Weight: 8 oz / 227 gr
Size: 12: 
Condition: New

We are an official distributor of Bomboy Lures.