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Marlin Magic Lures

Marlin Magic Lures Large Original Pear 14" Abalone Slabs - New

Color: Curly Abalone

A Tribute to the Original Marlin Magic Pear in Junior Colors
OG Large Pear 14"  - Collector's Edition

A combination of the Marlin Magic Hibby & Pear - Wider hips than the current pear and a bit more narrow than the Marlin Magic Hibby. 

  • Revival of the original shaped Marlin Magic Pear
  • Hand cut pieces of abalone
  • Gary Eoff used his prized abalone, hand cutting and meticulously matching the sides of the insert.
  • Double poured in green and blue
  • Choose from curly abalone or smooth, pattern may vary from photo

Marlin Magic lures are a favorite of fisherman around the world.  Captain Marlin Parker and Gary Eoff have been producing and perfecting lures for over 40 years. 

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Weight: 7.1 oz / 200 grams
Size: 14" 
Condition: New, Special Edition
Position: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Short Rigger