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Coggin Lures

Coggin Lures Kilauea Tado 10 inch 4 Jetted in Copper Pearl - Striped Skirt - New

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A must have weapon for all target species! The Tado was named one of the 10 best lures of all time by Marlin Magazine and this is the baby of the family. It is an all position lure with 4 brass jets to keep it down and make a bubble trail. Hand cut copper mother of pearl shell slabs replicate live bait.

How did Steve Coggin start making lures?
Steve Coggin started making lures in Oahu in the 1970's. His fishing buddy was Dr Park, who was a dentist and was skilled in making dental molds. They would often mold lures that worked well (back then on the old Sampans) and fish them. One day they decided to design their own lure, to make a big lure no one else had! They went back to the (dental) office and created the extreme Tado!