Bomboy Magilla HEAVY TACKLE- Blue Tint 16" - Vinyl Skirted - Like New

Rare Bomboy Magilla! These are hard to come by!

🔥 Hot Tip! To Tease or Not?
Bomboy says the Magilla is his teaser, except with 13/0 hooks.
"Don’t use them. When a big fish hits, they take too long to clear. The time it takes to clear the teaser, with line screaming off the reel can cost you a fish" . Bomboy says the Magilla is his teaser, except with 13/0 hooks.  

  • Grander candy! The Magilla caught a grander weighing 1197#
  • Numerous tournament wins
  • Has been featured in Marlin Magazine as a Top Ten Marlin Lure 
  • Also featured in Australia's BlueWater magazine
  • Part of Bomboy's daily arsenal
  • Jim Rizzuto 2007 top 10 BIG fish lures
Bomboy's recommendations:
    • Postion: Shortbait, Short Corner
    • 13/0 or 14/0
    • 650lb leader

      Fun Fact: Tsutomu Lures' maker Garrett Lee told Marlin Magazine, that in a spread of other luremakers he would run a Bomboy Magilla Gorilla on the short corner.

     Skirted Weight: 19.7 oz / 559 gr
    Size: 16" (Someone cut these to 14" but this is not a 14" bait
    Condition: Has a small internal chip on nose but can not feel it. See pic. 


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