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Bomboy Lures

Bomboy Lures Scarface - 12" Skirted - Marlin Lure -Chip - Pre-Owned

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Bomboy Lures Scarface ! A guaranteed marlin slayer! 

  • An excellent marlin lure!
  • Pearly bottom, a color that has worked many times for Bomboy
  • Made for fisherman by a tournament winning captain
  • Made in Kona designed and poured Bomboy Llanes, 2x grander catcher! He is the winner of multiple fishing tournaments.
  • Captain Bomboy and others  have caught several marlin on this lure and is defiantly one of his favorites.
  • Chip on nose, see pics.

Size: 12"
Condition: has a chip on nose, price reflects condition

Captain Bomboy Llanes’ daily lure spread:
Magilla on the short corner
Supernutt on the long corner
Scarface on the short rigger
Baby Bomb bullet on the long rigger
Mini bomb bullet on the stinger (shotgun

 Bomboy is a 3rd generation Kona Captain and had been fishing big game fish and making lures for over 40 years! His father Kona Captain Kenny Llanes taught him from an early age.