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Bomboy Lures

Bomboy Lures - 7" Mini Bomb Aweoweo - Tuna Lure, Ahi, Mahi lure - Limited Edition

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Bomboy's Smallest  Lure  - 7" Great for  Tuna, Ahi, Mahi Newest Color!

Now in a limited edition Aweoweo (big eye) pattern. Limited stock!

We asked Cpt Bomboy Llanes why he made the Aweo'weo (squirrel fish) he said "One day I had all my best lures out and nothing was biting. We finally but out some live bait and caught a few ahi. When I cut open their stomaches they were full of aweo'weo!"

  • Excellent Shotgun/Stinger
  • Custom skirts designed by Cpt Bomboy for this lure!
  • Great for all species
  • Bomboy Llanes is a Kailua Kona Charter Captain who has caught 2 grander on his own lures
  • His father taught him fishing and lure making over 40 years ago
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Weight: 1.4 oz / 48.7 grams
Size: 7" or 9"
Position: Stinger