Bomboy Lures Blue 14" Supernutt Plunger - Used

  • Pearly Blue-Purple Back - photos do not show the actual color well as the very back has a purple hue
  • Genuine shell veneer
  • Skirted in Vinyl
  • A few very small micro nicks on the top of the nose, won't effect the way it runs

Skirted Weight: 8.3 oz

Handmade one by one by Capt Bomboy Llanes, 2x grander catcher and winner of multiple fishing tournaments. Both his granders were caught on lures he made and he only runs his lures. 

He is a 3rd generation Kona big game fisherman and has been fishing and making lures for over 50 years. His father, another tournament wining captain, Kenny Llanes taught Bomboy how to make lures when he was just a kid. They are part of a large Kona big game fishing dynasty. 

Fun Fact: Bomboy remebers not so fondly when he was a kid he was not allowed to go play with the other kids  becuase he had to polish lures for his dad!  
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_We are an official distributor of Bomboy Lures. He doesn't sell lures at any online tackle shops and doesn't pour too often. _