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Bomboy Lures

Bomboy Lures Big Bomb Skirted in Gay Bob - Used

Bomboy Lures Big Bomb - Pre-Owned
- Large bullet, larger brother of the Bomboy Baby Bomb
- Shell with a sapphire blue back
- Can be 9" or 12"
- Position: Long Rigger
- Voted #1 in the HIBT tournament in 2004 and 2005
- Largest marlin to date 704 lb

Condition: Pre-owned, Please consider all images part of the description. No notable chips nor cracks

Cpt Bomboy Llanes, is a 3rd generation Kona fisherman & legendary lure maker He’s won multiple fishing tournaments and holds the world record for the largest blue marlin caught in a tournament, a 1258# grander.
In 2003 he caught his 2nd grander which was in the Kona off season and the first one ever caught in November. Cpt. Bomboy has over 45 years of experience fishing and making lures. His father is the legendary Cpt Kenny Llanes and Bomboy has been fishing since he can remember and had to polish lures as a kid.