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Joe Yee Lures

Joe Yee's Favorite - Vintage Strawberry Super Plunger - Bill Rash

The Grander Slayer!
Rare Vintage Joe Yee Super plunger, strawberry pearl and teddy bear eyes!

The Joe Yee Strawberry plunger has caught more granders than any other lure!  And this was before he started remaking them. 

" My favorite marlin lures is Strawberry Pearl Plunger. It has caught a lot of 1000-pounders." - Joe Yee, IGFA Hall of Fame Lure Maker

Update: This was used and has some bill rash on the belly as well as a few scuffs. 

Old school fisherman and collectors know there is just something better about the old school Joe Yee lures.

- Check out the label, as it is not the same as the one on the newer Yees!



Weight: 7.0 oz