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Legend Lures

Legend Lures Iduna – By Roddy Hayes – New Old Stock – Unfinished Skirt Post

Legend Lures by Roddy Hayes 12" Iduna Vintage New Old Stock
This is from a small lot of vintage Roddy Hayes Lures. He never finished this one and the skirt post is solid.

The Iduna has a front and rear taper with a 90-degree face. Like the cupped Iduna, this lure is a stable swimmer in calm to moderate. This medium diver sets up a long bubble trail. Run best from the riggers.

Captain Roddy Hayes Bio:
Marlin fishing legend Capt Roddy Hays is the Legend behind Legend lures. Roddy fishing career saw him fish some of the world's most prestigious game fishing locations. However, Roddy's success off the coast of Madeira Island, aka Jurassic Park, put Roddy and his legendary lures on the world stage. Since then, Legend lures have been proven around the world as pelagic magnets and proven Grander catchers.