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Legend Lures

Vintage Legend Lures Basilisk 14" Super Plunger - New Old Stock - As-Is

Legend Lures Basilisk 14" Roddy Hayes Super Plunger - Unfinished Skirt post

Original Vintage Roddy Hayes Basilisk
The Basilisk is Roddys Super Plunger style lures, though a little larger than the standard size. The Basilisk will perform like any other Super Plunger style lure, from the corners, skirted in rubber or vinyl on the corners.

Please note that the skirt post is unfinished. Sold As-Is

Captain Roddy Hayes Bio:
Marlin fishing legend Capt Roddy Hays is the Legend behind Legend lures. Roddy fishing career saw him fish some of the world's most prestigious game fishing locations. However, Roddy's success off the coast of Madeira Island, aka Jurassic Park, put Roddy and his legendary lures on the world stage. Since then, Legend lures have been proven around the world as pelagic magnets and proven Grander catchers.