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Koya Lures

Koya Lures - JP Lunger - Grander Insert - 14" Like New

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Koya Lures Large JP Lunger
Collectable, Proven Joe Palacat Lunger made by Eric Koyanagi - Grander Tape Insert which is similar to a 3d holograph and much more multi-faceted than the photos illustrate.

This very Koya Lunger with the "grander tape" insert is no longer in production (the insert tape is no longer made) very few were made.

Size: 14"
Condition: Like New, un-fished
Skirted Weight: 8 oz / 227 gr

When Eric recreated Palacat's lunger he used Palact's remaining tape.

Joe Palacat originally made his Lunger and other shapes in the 1980s up until early 2000s. Palacat made them only in small batches for himself and friends and never sold them commercially. His Lunger became highly sought after and was Hawaii's best kept secret. To its credit are multiple granders and several notable catches.

Palacat and Eric Koyanagi worked together driving tow trucks in the 80's and 90's. It was in January of 2022, after Koyanagi ran into Palacat (Kona is a small town), that Palacat gave him his blessing, molds, tape and rights to reproduce his lures.

It was because of Joe Palacat that Eric Koyanagi got into lure making and Palacat was a strict mentor, letting Eric learn on his own before sharing his knowledge.

Fun Fact: It should be noted that Eric Koyanagi's father was a fire chief in Kona and an avid fisherman. He used to make lures for himself, friends and family. Eric has modified a few of his father's original shapes too.