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Kendrick Ching

Rare! Original Lock Nut by Kendrick Ching! Heavy! 12 oz - Like New

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Lure maker Kendrick Ching  confirmed this was an early Lock Nut he made. A lock nut before the Kenny Llanes Locknut and before the Joe Yee Lock Washer! 
"This was from the original lock nut mold made from Ronald Morikawa. He gave me the molds and I was making those in the late 80 s -90 s.......  "I gave the molds back to the originator a while back. But my 12” rev is similar"

Heavy! This marlin slayer weighs 12 oz! That's 1.5x the weight of your beer!
- Can't lose with Blue over old school swirly rainbow paper
- 3D Eyes
- Keel Weighted
- Long nose, taper at back and wide hips
- Incredibly well made.

Size: 14"
Weight: 12oz / 340 gr 😲
Condition: Tiny nick on the nose, a few scratches. No cracks. 

From Kendrick Ching in our Vintage Trolling Lures ID and Discussion Facebook Group -

"... a little history of this head aka lock nut. My friend Ronald Morikawa was a avid fisherman that used to go to Kona to fish. He fished with Kenny Llanas in the late 70s-80s. He shared this lure with Kenny. Kenny named it the locknut because fish used to eat it and didn't let go. Later Kenny and Bomboy started making  versions of the original. Others filled soon after like Joe Yee (lock washer). And a few other Hawaiian lure makers such as my friend Ronald Shiroma.

Straight cut sides Aka plungers was the normal. The locknut has a reverse taper. Scale holographic paper was the paper in the 70s early 80s along with some herringbone patterns. After that early 80s came the paper clip holographic like you see in the picture of the lure. Then 80s-90s saw the starburst holographic paper."