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Ali'i Kai Lures

Ali’i Kai Lures Fish Heavy Fish 7" Keel Weighted - New Old Stock

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Just like live bait, iridescent body with hand painted realistic features
New Old Stock = Old Prices

  • Keel weighted
  • Heavy to keep it under water
  • Mold made from an actual Opelu
  • Hand made one by one in Kona
Weight: 8.5 oz
Size: 7" 
Condition: New
Suggested Position: Long rigger


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About the lure maker:Ali’i Kai Lures are made by Kona Charter Captain Shawn Rotella who has been fishing Hawaiian waters for over two decades. Shawn got his start in lure making after meeting Joe Yee and the late Tom Futa over 22 years ago while working at Hawaii Fiberglass in Oahu.

Tom Futa was first to get Shawn going with some basic lure making knowledge Invites to Joe Yee and Tom Futa’s workshop followed.

It wasn't long before Shawn found himself in Hawaii, where he bought his first boat, "The Night Runner". Since then he has set records in Kona  catching more sailfish   than all the other captains. He is also the first captain in 35 yeares to hold 6 top big game fhising spots in 1 year.  Also impressive is his catch of one of the top 3 blue marlin ever caught on 50lb tackle.