Marlin Magic Lures

XXXXL Marlin Magic Lures Massive Teaser - 20" Skirt

The Biggest Marlin Magic Lure - 

Weighing in at 1.6 lbs / 737 grams is this rare find -- a massive Marlin Magic teaser. It has definitely been swatted around by something quite big as there are 2 chips near the skirt saddle and bill rash on the belly near the label. Near the nose is just an internal bubble in the resin. 

The insert is massive covered in paua shell veneer on all 4 sides and with giant teddy bear eyes. The lure is custom skirted in blue sparkle vinyl and a pink silicone inner skirt, favored colors for Kona fishing. The skirt measures 20". 

Marlin Magic lures are popular around the world but we can guarantee there were not too many of these made. We got this one from a former associate of Gary Eoff and have never seen another. 

If your fishing for big blues than we can recommend this teaser!

Sold As-Is. Please see all photos for condition. Pictures with a beer bottle and small Ahi-p only for scale.  Props are not included. 

Marlin Magic lures have won more tournament money than any other big game fishing lures.

Weight:  26.7 oz/ 725 gr