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Wes Leslie Lures

Wes Leslie Lures Straight Runner 12 inch Skirted - Used

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Mirror insert makes the fish think it’s eating itself. Not really, but when it sees itself, it cannot resist!
- These beautifully balanced tubes are handmade with care in Kona.
- Recently seen in the wild, these are not usually commercially available
- Skirted in Kona blue vinyl with vivid orange inserts
Skirted Weight: 8.2 oz (like a can of beer)
Size: 12"
Condition: Pre-owned, no notable chips nor cracks

Bio: Wes Leslie is a Kona fisherman and lure maker and one of Kona's best kept secrets. Captains in Kona have been slaying big fish for over a decade on Wes' handmade lures.
Wes learned from the best and was Cpt Gene Vanderhoeks' deckhand. (Gene is a legendary Kona captain with 3 granders to his credit and an OG of Kona lure makers).
Wes' lures have caught many big fish and Gene Vanderhoek includes them in his arsenal.