Vintage Yo-Zuri Lures Small Door Knob Ice Blue 9" - New

  • Smaller version of the Tulip Head
  • Ice blue tint
  • Weight .8 oz
  • A great lure, just ask any old timer! Just becuase they are not trending on social media doesn't mean this time tested shape won't produce!

Action: Doornobs stay submerged in the water at higher trolling speeds of 10+ knots. A lot of smoke is made with the water against the broader face. A good lure for rough water conditions. 

Yo-Zuri Lures Bio:
Check out all our NOS (new old stock) and used Yo-zuri resin heads.
About Yo-zuri Lures:
Yo-zuri stopped making resin heads and these ar quite rare. Yo-zuri lures are handmade in Japan. Yo-zuri was one of the first lure makers to start using shell veneer insterad of shell slabs. Most of their designs are "inspired" by the early Hawiian resin lure makers. Yo-zuri stopped making resin heads a long time ago! These are old new stock!