Vintage Yo-Zuri Lures 9" Small Mac Head Pink/Yellow New

  • A rare Yo-zuri 9' Mac Head.
  • Pink tint on the back and yellow on the belly
  • Genuine pearl veneer on insert
  • 3.2 oz

Action: Swims side to side, and leader tube is offset to further enanche the lure's swiming action. Mac heads run best while trolled under 10 knots in any type of sea condition.

Check out all our NOS (new old stock) and used Yo-zuri resin heads.
About Yo-zuri Lures: Yo-zuri stopped making resin heads and these ar quite rare. Yo-zuri lures are handmade in Japan. Yo-zuri was one of the first lure makers to start using shell veneer insterad of shell slabs. Most of their designs are "inspired" by the early Hawiian resin lure makers. Yo-zuri stopped making resin heads a long time ago! These are old new stock!