Gene Vanderhoek

Vintage Vanderhoek - Pink Tri Paper -12" Plunger - Bill Rash

A very vintage Gene Vanderhoek Plunger

  • Single skirt post 
  • Unweighted, as are all his plungers
  • We confirmed with Cpt Gene that he did make this one. 
  • Gene's lures were never sold outside of Kona as fishermen coiuld only get them directly from Gene. 
  • There are not to many and he does not make them too often. 

Gene Vanderhoek has been making the same plunger for nearly 50 years. 

The insert is his signature Tri-paper and has been used by Hawaiian fisherman since the 70's. 

Captain Gene has been fishing Kona and making lures for over 50 years. His most famous is the plunger and he still uses the same mold today. Undoubtedly he is one of the most experienced captains in Kona and has 4 granders to his credit! His early fishing days include having been  a deck hand for Bart Miller  According to Captain Gene,“Bart Miller had forgotten more about fishing than most people would ever know.”  

Gene Vanderhoek and Scott Crampton were great friends and started making lures in the 1970's along with brothers and Rusty and Jimmy Unger. It was the golden age of big game fishing and the early days of making resin trolling heads, a time when friends shared lure making tips and molds with each other. The goal was simply to catch fish and do what they could to help each other.