Dave Unger

Vintage Lollipop Lures - 9" Shell Invert - Dave Unger

A One of a Kind -  Very Rare Lollipop Lure
  • Handmade by Dave Unger from his father's Lollipop Mold
  • Excellent Vintage Condition 
  • Usually these are found made with swirls of red, white and blue
  • Lightweight and unweighted

Cpt Dave Unger is a 3rd generation Kona captain and lure maker.

In 2014, Dave Unger hooked a 1,211 pound grander, on a straight runner Dave handmade made from his late father, Rusty Unger's, mold. 

It was the third lure made from that mold and Dave said he had lost the two previous lures to marlin he estimated to be granders.  

Dave learned to make lures from his father and Uncle the late Jimmy Unger, both Kona captains. Their fishing buddies included Gene VanderHoek, Butch Chee and Scott Crampton.  Dave's grandfather, Bob Unger, was friends with Henry Chee. 

During Kona's golden age of big game fishing, lure-making was not yet an industry. There was a lot of experimenting and sharing of ideas, molds, materials in the quest to find what worked!  Rusty and Jimmy Unger are known for making Lollipop.

Rusty Unger never used lead in his lures. He did once make a mold of Henry Chee's original straight runner, with Chee's blessing and made several lures from that mold in addition to a few more molds.  Scott Crampton's and Gene Vanderhoek's lures were also developed during these same early days.  

Fun Fact: Dave remembers when he was a kid fishing with his father and uncle and their friends (we are not naming names)  and having to hide when they would throw each other off the boat as the reels were spinning!