Kip Taylor Lures

Vintage Kip Taylor Shovel Head 9" Plunger - Abused

Vintage KiP Taylor Shovel Head Purple Kona Plunger - Bite Marks, Battle Scars

"Skirt it in big blue, silver and white skirts to the edge of the head, similar to a big flying fish or skipjack. Run it on your short corner!" Great lure for blue marlin" Captin Sam in Cabo

A rare lure made by Kona Cpt Kip Taylor whose flat-head lure is more well known. This is the only one we have seen but luckily some salty OG Kona captains identified it for us.

- Very custom handmade Hawiian lure
- Not a common shape but this one has a lot of teeth marks on it and bill rash.. might be time for a revival
- A chance to have a little bit of real Kona fishing history, if this lure could talk...

Size: 9"
Condition: Fished a lot and ready for more action