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Marlin Magic Lures

Marlin Magic Lures - 7 inch HSAP High Speed Ahi P - Superman - New

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High Speed 7" Flathead Ahi Pussy in Superman Red and Blue
"Catch them all, big and small" 

  • Beautiful double poor of red and blue over clear. The colors are referred to as Superman Colors.
  • White pearl genuine shell veneer
  • A favorite shape and color combination for nearly 4 decades!
  • Ahi P is a must have lure for all species or to add to your collection
  • It was named Ahi P by Kona fishermen because it was like an Ahi Magnet! (This was actually explained to us in more x-rated terms but we'll leave it at that). 😆

    Excellent pre-owned condition, no notable cracks nor chips. 

Still going strong into their 40th year, Marlin Magic Lures are tournament winning and highly productive lures with a large following world-wide.
Marlin Magic trolling lures have won more tournament money than any other lures and Captain Marlin Parker landed his 3rd grander in 2019 on a Marlin Magic Lures Ruckus. 

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