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Joe Yee Lures

RUN IT! Joe Yee Lures Vintage Jetted Peanut - Bill Rash - Used

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The Golden Era of Sport Fishing in Hawaii! And this guy was part of it. If only lures could talk, this one would keep you entertained all night!
- Made before Joe Yee or anyone else cared about labels
- Salt 'n Peppa over prism tape.. 2 styles, one lure
- A formidable ally, a dependable comrade, a veteran fighter and always ready for more action!
- This came from the collection Rusty Unger, an early lure maker who fished and poured with Crampton, Vanderhoek, Chee and others..
- Definitely from the original mold! Those that know, know and only fish the originals!

Size: 9"
Weight: 3.9 oz /110 gr
Condition: Remarkably great condition considering the bill rash. One tiny, shallow chip on nose, NO cracks. Lots of bill rash. Skirt post seems to have a bit of old dried glue on it.