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Marlin Magic Medium Plunger – Delux Salt and Pepper – Abalone 12” – Collector’s Edition – New

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Marlin Magic Medium Plunger Abalone  - The Delux Salt & Pepper - Collector's Edition

Master lure craftsman Gary Eoff has created this new collection of salt and pepper lures using his prized collection of abalone and white and  black mother of pearl. 

He won't tell us his secret technique but the results are flashy, iridescent and 3-dimensional. Shapes are classic Marlin Magic lures including the original pear shape, with wider hips.
Have a close look at the images and you will see the the 3D pieces of shell. Shell is also on the belly, nose and back of the lures, not just the sides. The result creates maximum reflection from all angles.
Run them or add them to your collection. These were made in small batches!

Weight:  4.9 oz / 139 gr
Size: 12"
Condition: New Limited Edition