Marlin Magic Lures - Brass Jets Strawberry Pearl 9" Skirted Baby Blue

They don't make them like this anymore! A unique color on a classic shape!

Older version with brass jets. Still in great condition. These are hard to find as most older ones have been destroyed by marlin and other large fish. 

  • Older model bullet with brass jets
  • An all around go to bullet for any species
  • A highly productive shape that is a favorite of professional fisherman
  • Brass jets are hard to find
  • Bright pink/purple skirts make this easy for fish to find.
  • Any color skirts will highlight this  lure head.
  • Classic bullet will run great on the rigger or stinger of any spread

Fun Fact:  Gary Eoff said the inspiration for the Baby Blue came from the late Captain Billy Ross' Jetted Big Blue, who gave his blessing for his lure to be copied. Legend has it that Billy Ross made his jets with McDonald's straws. 

Weight: 6.5 oz / 184 gr
Size: 9"
Condition: slight crack on nose visible in 1st pic.