Marlin Magic Lures Ahi P - Jetted - Abalone Slabs- Special Edition

The Ahi Pussy - 9" Bullet 4 Jets for a big smoke trail!
"Catch Them All, Big And Small!" And the Ahi Pussy has been doing just that for over 40 years, including granders.

Master lure craftsman Gary Eoff has created a small batch of classic Marlin Magic Lures using his prized and rare collection of abalone, white and black mother of pearl shells. 

Vintage shell has been meticulously chosen, cut and matched to create this special edition Ahi P, inspired by the early days of Hawaiian big game fishing!

“Abalone and mother of pearl shell has always been a sought after and prized material by Hawaiian fishermen. The colors and iridescence in the abalone shell mimic live bait unlike any other insert.” Gary Eoff

  • There is no excuse for not having one or 5 of these in your arsenal
  • A small but potent bullet that has caught its share of granders
  • The Ahi P has won numerous tournaments over the decades
  • Still a go to all time favorite of fisherman around the world
  • These special Delux Ahi P are made with shell slabs and 40 years of lure making experience

Price is for a single lure. 

Weight: 2.7 oz / 76 gr  approx.
Size: 9"
Condition: New


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This Delux Lure Series includes classic Marlin Magic shapes created by Captain Marlin Parker and craftsman Gary Eoff.  For over 40 yearsthese shapes have continued to catch fish and win tournaments. They arefavorites of captains worldwide.  

(When You see "shell" or "MOP"  we mean thick slabs of abalone, black mother of pearl, gold mother of pearl and white mother of pearl, not shell veneer ).