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Koya Lures - XXL Poi Dog 18" - RIG IT! - Vinyl Skirt - Rare Mahi Insert - Vinyl Skirt - Chip - Used

Koya Lures - XXL Mahi Poi Dog - Marlin Lure / Marlin Teaser - 18" Plunger - Small chip on nose

Rig it! Or run it as a teaser! Marlin eat mani much larger than this bait!

Best price! New, skirted in Vinyl this retails for $350

  • Massive Lure, meant to be rigged, but can be used as a teaser
  • This marlin slayer is one heavy beast too! Nearly 2 pounds
  • Skirted in blue sparkle vinyl with pink and yellow on the insideW
  • Get it before it gets away! 
  • Rare mahi-mahi insert!
  • Handmade in Kailua Kona by Eric Koyanagi
  • Suggested rigging 12/0
Skirted Weight: 29 oz / 822 gr
Skirt Saddle: Skirted in 14" but 16" or 18" will work
Condition: Chip on nose, please see all pictures. 
Recommended Position: Short corner, long corner or teaser